One of my favorite scenes in “By Immortal Honor Bound”  (no spoilers, so I will be intentionally vague) is when an Immortal Guardian has been poisoned by snake venom, which unexpectedly appears to be deadly to Immortals as well as humans.

The Immortal Guardian is aided by an Egyptian deity, Thoth, and an Archangel who find a way to attack the venom compound at a cellular level and chase it from the Guardian’s body, not without some tense moments.

This part of our #fantasy story is not so far from current developments. There are now viruses which can be programmed to kill bacteria which make us terribly ill through the toxins they produce and the immune cascade brought about by their infection.

Here is an excerpt from the article linked below: “…re-engineered that virus so that he can provide any sensory input he chooses, rather than the communication molecule, and then the virus kills on demand…

‘A virus can only ever make one decision’, Bassler said: ‘Stay in the host or kill the host. That is, either remain under the radar inside its host or activate the kill sequence that creates hundreds or thousands of offspring that burst out, killing the current host and launching themselves toward new hosts’.”

To combine “Of Alchemy & Angels” and current concepts, these viruses are now Guardians, hunting down the ‘bad guy’ bacteria, conducting covert operations, and when the time is right. go into “Kill Mode”.  Really, how cool is that??

I am having fun with finding these snippets of current developments and finding the parallel with the mythologic ancient and old Renaissance worlds brought to life in “By Immortal Honor Bound” Book 1 of the “Of Alchemy and Angels” series.  I hope you are as well.

If there is something you would like to see discussed in this forum, I would for you to bring it to my attention and I will happily look into making the comparison.  

 Elementally Yours –

 Danielle Ancona

Biologists turn eavesdropping viruses into bacterial assassins: How cross-kingdom communication led to a breakthrough phage therapy


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