Happy Winter Solstice

In line with the holiday season, I found a few nuggets of interesting information about the Yule Log, in Wikipedia. Yes, I understand that Wikipedia is controversial in its accuracy. To me, it is an incredibly useful reference tool with which to get started in understanding a topic, then searching further for confirmed accurate sources. If nothing else, Wikipedia will provide links to every subject even remotely related to what you are researching – great tool for inspiration. I digress.

On to our interesting & fun tidbits of information about the Yule Log. The Yule Log was a huge block of wood to be burned over the 12 Days of Christmas. It must have been an enormous log of dense wood.  Of note, from what I was able to find, the 12 days of Christmas mark the time from the birth of Jesus to the arrival of the Magi. 

There are no mentions as to what kind of wood was used for the Yule Log (at least in Wikipedia). Interestingly enough, a piece of it was to be apparently saved to light the next year’s Yule Log and to ward off various maladies through the year, “toothaches, mildew, lightning, housefires, hail and chilblains…”

There is mention of lore from Northern Spain and Southern France that the saved Yule Log had an ability to expel gifts. It seems those people may have had a bit too much eggnog? Hmmm, maybe I sound cynical for someone who enjoys the ethereal side of our world. Maybe it gifted bits of charcoal? Lore does say that magic wands are often made of wood – then maybe it is not so far-fetched for a mystical log to expel presents? Or, let’s postulate that some of the gifts from the popular carol “12 Days of Christmas” were expelled from the log. How else would one get “10 Lords a Leaping” as a gift except through magic? How would one feed them, unless through magic? 

It is interesting to read about the origins of these traditions and the lore associated with them which get lost in our “hurry-up world.”

It makes me wish that it would be safe for me to burn a large block of wood for 12 days, save part of it and see if gifts are indeed expelled. 

I hope those who celebrate the holidays have a wonderful season. I wish all a healthy & happy New Year to you and yours.

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