Of Alchemy & Angels, The Series

Welcome to a world of political intrigue, history in the making, unlikely alliances; an epic battle for the fate of humankind, and love against all odds…

Come along. Bring forth your inner warrior, alchemist, god~goddess…
and enjoy the adventure!


By Immortal Honor Bound

Of Alchemy & Angels ~ Book I

Warrior angel Malachi fights alongside the boldest of gods to defend humankind from the Seraph Rebellion, who seek to gain power through controlling enslaving the human race and harnessing any academic acumen.

Sent to York in the 1620’s, Malachi unexpectedly falls in love with keen and ardent alchemist Daphne Heatherton. For Malachi, Daphne’s returned devotion is a tenuous gift of Fate.

Setting dark machinations into play, the leader of the Seraph Rebellion, Gideon, brings Malachi to the brink of defeat and puts him to the ultimate test.

Will Malachi chose a mortal love, or will he remain…
By Immortal Honor Bound

Enjoy the adventurous tale! Escape into history, political intrigue, epic battles between warring factions, unlikely
alliances, heroic and pioneering of women in science, myth, legend, and love against all odds.



  • rembrandt, aristotle, bust
  • man, warrior, fantasy
  • artemis, diana, sculpture
  • bath oil, oil, lavender
  • clock, time, pocket watch
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