“Of Alchemy & Angels” Series

Enter the unlikely mix of celestial and deified beings; Immortal Guardians, who are honor bound to protect the free will of humankind.

Political intrigue and pursuit of knowledge amalgamate with alchemy, mythology, and treachery as our immortal heroes and heroines move through the ages, historical events coinciding with periods of significant conflict..

Heavenly beings enter into unholy alliances, ancient deities challenge the status quo.

Come, escape into the world of

Alchemy & Angels
Book 1

By Immortal Honor Bound

Love, betrayal, passion, hunger for power
all converge to exact a high price for honor.

Greek & Egyptian deities reluctantly form an alliance with Celestia, to protect the advent of Western civilization and pursuit of knowledge threatened by the burgeoning Seraph insurgence.

Gideon, Archangel turned nemesis, has nurtured the formidable Seraph rebellion over the eons in his quest to gain control of humankind and vengeance over the arrogant Celestials.

Immortal Guardians, celestial and deified beings, are a strategic bastion of the alliance, protecting talismans which prevent the advancement of the Seraph faction.

Malachi, an embittered Warrior Angel compelled to remain loyal to humankind, not his Celestial superiors he holds in disdain, meets his match when his heart is captured by the gifted alchemist, Daphne Heatherton, in 1620, York, England. Daphne winds her way into the chinks of Malachi’s armor about his heart, Malachi introduces the studious Daphne to the joy of passion & sensuality.

Things start to sour as Daphne’s male alchemical peers become envious of the mentorship she has attained with the esteemed Alchemist and Academic, Dante Santorum.

Malachi finds himself having to make a choice of deadly consequences between love & honor which will forever haunt him, Daphne finds herself the victim of ultimate betrayal.

As a Guardian, Malachi finds himself By Immortal Honor Bound.