Of Alchemy & Angels

Political intrigues and cosmic battlegrounds intersect as forces beyond mortal ken vie to control the destiny of humankind. Ages pass as humans grow in knowledge of alchemy, science, mythology, and more — while still unaware of the war raging around them.

And standing between the mortal right to self-determination or enslavement to diabolical forces are the Immortal Guardians: beings of myth and legend united in an unlikely alliance, sworn to protect humanity’s free will.

Humans may think they live in a world of order and reason, but they’ll soon find this is a world Of Alchemy & Angels.


By Immortal Honor Bound
Of Alchemy & Angels: Book One

Science, myth, history, and legend converge in a timeless battle,
but will honor and love prove to be the most powerful elements of all?


By-Immortal-Honor-Bound_Danielle-AnconaBeings of myth and legend from across cultural divides have allied to protect humanity’s pursuit of knowledge. But not all of the divine want reason to prevail. Led by the fallen archangel Gideon, the Seraph Rebellion fights to maintain dominion over man in a quest of vengeance.
Malachi is an Immortal Guardian, a warrior angel tasked to fight the Seraph and defend humanity. Yet he meets his match when sent to York in 1620 and his heart is captured by the gifted alchemist, Daphne Heatherton. Gideon sees their love as weakness to be exploited — but while Malachi makes a mortal choice, he remains By Immortal Honor Bound.

Coming Fall, 2020 from Kyanite Publishing.
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