Magical Authors & Books

These authors have the good fortune of having a visionary muse & a pen which writes with a rich flourish. They are in no particular order and I find magic in each of them, which is why they are here.

Rowena Tisdale - "The Sultry Scribe"
Rowena Tisdale – “The Sultry Scribe”

Rowena writes incredible “chick lit” with stories which take the reader on journeys of unexpected turns; she weaves in hot, hot relationships, and a rich tapestry of human emotions. “The Heart Could Forget”, is one of my all time favorite stories and I am begging Ro to write the sequel.

Rowena also pens some amazing short stories, and hosts #LilLuvStory on Twitter on Sundays, which is a lot of fun to follow.

She is now writing a time travel romance, “Time Lies”, which I am dying to read.

Author DK Marie
Author DK Marie

Author DK Marie “#Author of sensual & seductive #romances.
“Passion drips from my pen.” Her contemporary romances are an absolute joy of an escape. DK is a rising star and an “author to watch”.

DK Marie hosts #SensualScribbles on Twitter, which provides for scrumptious hot poetry & prose.
Instagram: dkmarieauthor

DK Marie pens some killer poetry and prose on Twitter and Instagram. She has a great eye, and gorgeous photography on Instragram.

PL Stuart
PL Stuart

PL Stuart writes immersive #HighFantasy. His first series, “The Downed Kingdom Saga”, has made its splashing debut with Book I, “A Drowned Kingdom” and is available at just about any bookseller. It has received rave reviews and is well worth the read if you are a lover of high fantasy!

Paul has some great interviews on his website, and podcasts. His writing style is lyrical, harkening back to the classics with which we were raised.

Paul is an incredibly supportive member of the #WritingCommunity, always willing to lend a hand when a writer is stumped (which is rare – ha, ha. We all wish!! Right, Paul?).

C. Beth Anderson
C. Beth Anderson

A good question for Beth as an author, is “What does Beth Anderson NOT do?”

Beth has published one of my absolute, all-time-favorite books ever, “The Curio Cabinet”, which is a small tome of tiny poems and micro-fiction. I have found “The Curio Cabinet” to be a wonderful treat to read one or two pieces at a time or all of it; and a great “pick me up” gift for friends. Incidentally, she uses a gorgeous colorized photograph of her grandmother’s miniature curio cabinet for the cover (a cover she designed herself).

Beth writes rich, fast-paced and engaging YA fantasy. Her current series, “The Magic Eaters”, is an absolute delight to read and has gained quite a following.

She has written non-fiction, for writers, “Early Readers Catch the Worms”, in how to build alpha, beta & ARC writing teams.

She runs a FB page for writers who record their own audio books (or plan to, such as yours truly) and her blogs are chock full of useful information for self-publishing.

Eric Lahti
Eric Lahti

Eric writes killer (pun intended) urban fantasy, adventure and horror. he is a prolific and gifted writer. His characters are a blast to get to know-always full of surprises and his stories are unfailingly a hell of a roller coaster ride which end just too quickly.

Follow Eric on Twitter for some wicked, good fun – his posts are brilliant twists with exceptional humor.

Currently, Eric’s “Roadside Attraction” is out, a phenomenally fun & wickedly good horror & ghost story, and truly one of my all-time favorite fiction books.

Willie Handler
Willie Handler

Willie Handler – I STILL have not figured out if that is his real name or not. JUST when I have convinced myself that it is, he says or does something to instill doubt. That is Willie for you.

An extraordinary crafter of satire, his stories are a joy to read. He has been involved in local politics all of his adult life, and has a gift of great insight. His satire is spot on, sometimes terrifyingly so.

Willie’s Twitter feed is beyond hilarious – he often refers to his wife and what she endures to live with him – in an incredibly witty and loving way. I do know she does love him – she would have to, to marry him with a name like his.

Willie is also an amazing cook, and if you follow him on Instagram, he will have your mouth watering for sure. I often want to move in with him, just to eat his food.

S.P. O'Farrell
S.P. O’Farrell

S.P. O’Farrell writes some of the most engaging middle school literature I have laid eyes upon – this is after raising four children! I find myself enjoying the excerpts immensely! SP works true magic and is an “author to watch” for sure!!

I can’t wait to see the generation of book lovers S.P. brings our way!

Check S.P. out at:

Jabe Stafford
Jabe Stafford

Jabe is my fellow alchemist! He has a unique and “edge of your seat” series, “Ales, Agents, & Alchemy” which is has a exceptional cast of characters. I would describe Jabe as Urban Fantasy, Magic Realism and Action & Adventure for his genres.

Jabe writes some chillingly good short suspense and horror stories. He is very supportive and is always about the positive word. Jabe has a great blog about the craft of writing.

Jabe is a home brewer of ales, as well and a beer aficiando.

Jabe and Willie are Instagram foodies, and Jabe will also have your mouth watering.

Dan Dickinson
Dan Dickinson

A phenomenal gamer, short story, fantasy and horror writer you will find in Dan. He has a horror story on Amazon and several shorts in various anthologies. He is a ton of fun and great one to combine gaming and writing. He is a wizard with the techy stuff I break.

Dan enjoys a great beer along with Jabe.

Jabe, Dan and I have some great future projects brewing. Between alchemy, ales and abara-cadabara – where could we go wrong in our collaborative efforts?

Shawn Burgess
Shawn Burgess

For excellent #horror and #PsychologicalSuspense, Shawn’s “The Tear Collector” is exceptional. His sequel, “The Ghosts of Grief Hollow” is due out sometime this year (2021 in case I miss updating this, which is possible). Shawn’s writing is par excellence.

“The Tear Collector” is an incredible story which reminds me of the movie “Stand by Me”, which is based, of course, on a story by Stephen King. It is a fantastic coming of age story to which I believe every mature 14 year old and up and any adult will be able to find themselves being able to relate.

I am eagerly anticipating Shawn’s next book!

Lord Hades
Lord Hades

How can I write of Mythology & not include Hades?

The King of the Underworld is gracious enough to allow us partial access to his library, on Twitter no less. Hades has an urbane presence, with undernotes of wry humor and tact. Smooth on the palate, a most excellent year, indeed.

Dawn Hosmer the writer & "Unravel the Binding" Book Club Podcast
Dawn Hosmer the writer & “Unravel the Binding” Book Club Podcast

Dawn writes “bites your nails” psychological thrillers. She has several successful books to her credit, her background as a Social Worker gives her great material from which to pull for this genre.

Her and her daughter also do a super-fun book club podcast “Unravel the Binding” to which I have included the Twitter link.

Sevannah Storm
Sevannah Storm

Sevannah IS a storm and writes some seriously good paranormal romance! She has a KILLER sense of humor and is worth a follow on Twitter for a good laugh. I love Sevannah dearly for so many reasons!

Shane Scott

Shane writes EPIC Fantasy and mythological fantasy. I am really looking forward to digging into his book, “The All God of Nothing”. He and I have mythology many parallels, we have discovered in our conversations.

Shane has a great sense of humor and is an incredibly generous & helpful individual. I am honored to count Shane as a friend.