Creative Connections

There are some talented people who do some awesome stuff, or they would not be here. Simple as that. You may be interested in them, depending on what you enjoy,

High Quality Table-Top Gaming Suppliers
Elderwood Academy – check them out if you are into table-top gaming. Their products are top-of the line, causes one to drool, they do crazy-beautiful customization, and their staff is incredibly helpful. They created the gorgeous special edition red oak By Immortal Honor Bound dice hex chests.

Baking/Recipe Bloggers
I enjoy baking – it is very close to alchemy: one transmutates several ingredients over a period of time, and often through several processes, to obtain scrumptious gold.
You will find my favorite baking bloggers listed here, regardless of whether they have decided to have my link on their site or not… meaning, their recipes turn out well, they don’t waste my time with an insane amount of article to wade through to get to the recipe and they have clear directions for multiple step recipes – because, you guessed it – I don’t have time to waste. I would love to share their magic with you.

If you have a favorite baking blogger, let me know about them, I would love to check them out. Maybe they’ll make it onto this page. They may not like it, though, being mixed in with table-top gamers and mythological creatures.

The torte I made!

Burnt Almond Torte

The burnt almond torte is a 35,782 step cake. SO worth it! House of Nash Eats had BY FAR the best recipe to follow for this incredible cake, each step spelled out. The burnt almond torte has been named “The Best Cake in America” by the Huffington Post.

Gluten Free Pumpkin Roll that no one else will know is GF

I bake GF for my mom and some friends. This pumpkin roll will more than likely have almost any GF person cry tears of joy, as they have, sadly, not been able to enjoy this dessert for years. This recipe by “Erin” is hands down, number one. And, you can serve it to everyone – no one else will ever guess it is GF!!

The recipes in this blog are practical, beyond delicious to the typical palate, everyone will enjoy these treats.

Brown-Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

This baking blog is exceptional at helping you avoid pitfalls, missteps and gives great tips & tricks for the more complex recipes.

And the chocolate chip cookie recipe – unreal! If you try it, let me know what you and your fellow cookie-eaters think.

Is there a talented person you know, who makes,
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