I was told by my webpage designer that I needed to come up with something about my personal interests. Oh, boy. I am obsessed with writing and often have to be pried away from my laptop.  Us writers tend to become hermits and do live in a continual fantasy-land which is very funny to me as I used to thrive on social engagements.

That said, my husband and I together enjoy overnight bicycling excursions and long day rides. The outdoors is a lovely place to spend time. Flatwater kayaking and the beauty which can be associated with it, depending on the setting, is relaxing and invigorating to me. Vacationing and cocktails with my children, immediate and extended family are always welcome.

Being a science and history geek and a Trekkie, the Alchemy & historical research for Of Alchemy & Angels series has been so interesting to me.
I am passionate about my work in Oncology. Even though I am a science geek, I do believe in the Ethereal and enjoy a solidly fun ghost finding session, especially in Gettysburg.

Also, I must bake some badass biscottis, as I get mobbed every year for them.

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