Bio – Amalgmations

Welcome! I am glad you are interested enough to click on this page!

Amalgamation and rabbit holes are fascinating to me.

The research for historical and mythological fiction and fantasy, while arduous at times, is a labor of love for me. The rabbit holes are of a particular joy and I am often delightfully lost in them, rather than doing what I am supposed to be doing – such as laundry, paying bills or updating my bio.

I am never bored, thanks to my characters. They provide for very interesting writing, plotting, conversations, and sometimes arguments. The stories are much more theirs than mine!

Western Pennsylvania provides lovely trails for my husband and I to enjoy overnight bicycling excursions and long day rides. The outdoors is a lovely place to spend time. Vacations and the requisite shots of tequila with my older kids, immediate and extended family are always welcome. My kids and I enjoy making homemade pasta & limoncello together – then tasting them!

I am passionate about my work in Oncology and adore the hard & soft sciences. The Ethereal part of our world has deep meaning for me.

I would love to hear about you and if you enjoyed your visit on this website – drop me a line at