Bio – Mixing it up

Welcome! I am glad you are interested enough to click on this page!

I am a mixer of things. I am rarely satisfied with just a lonely one of something. So, to prevent having a sad, isolated fact, lore or myth, I combine them. They may or may not like it – I won’t know until I see the resulting chemical reaction. But, it is never boring and provides for very interesting conversations, sometimes arguments, with my characters as I am writing. They often think I have gone over the edge.

My husband and I together enjoy overnight bicycling excursions and long day rides. The outdoors is a lovely place to spend time. Vacationing and the requisite shots of tequila with my older kids, immediate and extended family are always welcome.

Being a science and history geek and a Trekkie, the alchemy, mythological & historical research for the Of Alchemy & Angels series has been so interesting to me.

I am passionate about my work in Oncology. I adore the hard & soft sciences, and I have a healthy respect for the Ethereal.

I would love to hear about you and if you enjoyed your visit on this website – drop me a line at … and don’t be afraid to mix it up a little, it’s fun!

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