A gorgeous quill for the historian, alchemist and/or romantic at heart, or a thrilling sword kilt pin/brooch to bring out your inner warrior. For our loyal table-top campaign-wagers, we have SPECIAL EDITION red oak dice Hex Chests from my friends at

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Quill, nibs and ink

Quill & Ink

These beautiful quills, made from naturally dropped feathers, are accompanied by nibs and ink. They call to the alchemist, scribe, historian, or romantic in you. Rich ink has been made for centuries from the galls of oak trees. So it is, in our story.

The gifted alchemist of our story, Daphne, faithfully documented the day’s accomplishments in her journal, with Isaiah the Oak’s enchanted ink.

An ‘enchanted oak’ dice hex chest
to fortify your table-top campaigns

Oak Hex Chest

The esteemed Elderwood Academy has partnered with the author & Kyanite Publishing to create a special edition
By Immortal Honor Bound Dice Hex Chest.

Malachi waged battle across the ages and rolled the dice often in his tempting of Fate. Channel Malachi’s fortitude, gaze and sword which glowed cobalt blue in the heat of combat in your own table-top campaigns with the Hex Chest and the cobalt-blue dice!

The author will set the oak Hex Chests under the light of the full moon before sending them off to their new owner, as Isaiah the Oak’s discernment appeared in the moonlight.

Sword Kilt Pin

Bring out your inner warrior wearing this beautiful statement piece.

Swords, molten orbs, venom, spells – elemental weapons brought into the skirmishes between the Alliance and the Seraph. Wear and touch this sword kilt pin to channel the courage of our Immortal Guardians when you find yourself needing to walk taller.

You don’t need a kilt to wear this pin. It is a fantastic statement and conversation piece on a lapel, a sweater, or a scarf.

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